Who Are You, as an Investor?

The first part of finding your niche involves you, the investor. Are you a housewife, college student, full-time factory worker, nurse, businessman, or electrician? There is a place in real estate investing for almost anyone who is serious about investing and is willing to work at it. Part of finding your niche is understanding what your opportunity
is, and what needs you can fill. A few examples:

A college student may convince her parents to buy a condo that she can live in along with several of her friends, who would pay rent. The student gets free rent and will also gain an appreciation for the process of attracting quality tenants
who can pay their rent and help maintain the apartment and pay the mortgage
(build the equity).

The full-time factory worker might buy a house on contract and then lease to a co-worker who has yet to establish a credit rating.

A nurse might consider buying an old building and dividing up the space to rent to doctors for record storage, who therefore would save expensive hospital and clinic space for medical uses.

An electrician might use his experience to rehab an industrial building that has suffered from deferred maintenance. He may end up leasing that building to other contractors with whom he has worked over the years, as well as using the space for his own shop and office.

A college teacher could look at an old house and decide that, with a little renovation,
it would make an excellent small apartment building to rent to students.
If you are looking for something to invest in, it is best to look at areas that are familiar
to you based on your background.