Put Power in Your Search Engines

It’s easy to look for a house online in any city. You just go to the city’s multiple
listing service (MLS) and see what’s out there. With this service, you see
prices, pictures, property features — you name it. But for commercial real
estate, no such service exists in each city. The next best things are independent
online listing services for commercial real estate. Two companies have
filled this niche, and they did it in a big way. One company is LoopNet and
the other is CoStar Group.
LoopNet, Inc., ( refers to itself as the largest commercial
real estate online listing service in the world. It’s an easy-to-use Web site that
lists properties that are for sale and for lease worldwide. LoopNet reports
to have more than 500,000 commercial properties for sale and for lease on
its Web site. You can also search for brokers nationwide who specialize in a
field that you’re interested in. LoopNet even provides reports on recent sales
and closings nationwide in hundreds of cities. LoopNet is a powerful way
to get immediate access to deals and commercial professionals of a broad
nature. It’s a great starting point for investors to contact brokers to get their
investment ball rolling.
CoStar Group, Inc., ( calls itself the number one commercial
real estate information company in the United States and United Kingdom. And
judging from its extensive Web site and the wide range of services offered it
would be difficult to disagree with its status as number one. CoStar offers a
commercial property listing service that’s similar to LoopNet.
CoStar has the most comprehensive database of property information we’ve
ever seen in one Web site. If you’re looking for an investment property for yourself
or client, or if you want to expose your property (or your client’s) to millions
of people, CoStar can get the job done. When you need detailed, accurate,
and up-to-date information on comparable sales, this company sets the bar;
it tracks more than 1.9 million properties in its database. CoStar is invaluable
for finding commercial deals of all types and for advertising your business. It’s
also a powerful networking tool for any commercial professional or would-be