Finding a job as a property manager

You can get hired as a property manager in two ways. One way is to work
your way up through the ranks. Working as an assistant manager under the
wings of an experienced property manager is a good way to start. We don’t
know about you, but starting from the ground up, is the most fulfilling way
to the top of the ladder in our opinion. The second way is to get your college
degree and apply for a position. Most hired property managers typically
have degrees in real estate, business administration, accounting, and finance.
Great property management companies love new graduates whom they can
train and groom from scratch.
When you’re ready to look for that job, start at the very top of the food chain.
Simply call local property management companies and ask whether they’re
hiring. Job turnover in this industry is no different than any other, so positions
are always opening up. Send your résumé or general qualifications to as many
property management companies as possible, and then follow up with a phone
call. These actions will put you in the best position to get hired, or at least
The property management industry in your town or city is a small world.
Believe it or not, everyone knows everyone. Secrets are hard to keep and
maintain in this industry. Contracts that management firms win, firms that
lose customers, firms that don’t pay their vendors, and firms that can do no
wrong — this information is out there on the street for everyone to know and
discuss. We don’t know how it gets out there, but it does. When you think
about it, you can’t really control your reputation, but you can control your
integrity and conduct. Therefore, no matter where you are, make sure that
you mind your business.